Monthly Archives: March 2013

Mentoring Madness Part II

Saturday Mornings: Trading in my Newspaper and Netflix ritual for a… Notebook? So, this past three weekends, I (willingly) rose at 7:30 am, got myself to the campus of beautiful Centenary College, and was alert and ready to learn from 9am-1pm. “But you already have a bachelor’s degree,” some would query (including, occasionally, my own […]

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Nutrition Month and the Needy

It’s that time again: March. No, I am not going to be talking about NCAA March Madness basketball or the first days of springtime, but rather another, lesser-known but still wonderful attribute of this month. It is National Nutrition Month in the United States. With all the work that Pass it Along does to help […]

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Fashionable Fundraising

As people flooded into the Stanhope House for the Concert for Pass It Along, they discovered there was even more to offer than just the music that drew them there.  In the back lounge, the silent auction was packed with goodies for every interest, taste, and price range; the bands had merchandise tables loaded down […]

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