April Showers: When It Rains, It Pours

Have you ever had one of those days when you find yourself completely overwhelmed by the tasks, events, and excitement at hand?  And you almost begin to panic, wondering how it will all get done, when you realize, with a sigh of relief, that everything on your lengthy to-do list is fun and enjoyable?  Pass It Along is having one of those days.  And that day is April. That “day” encompasses a solid month.
We are only on the second week into this seemingly never-ending month, but so much has already happened.  As Maren wrote last week, we had two concurrent Alternative Spring Break activities going on at once.   Not only did we have our local volunteers come out to Swartswood State Park, but we also hosted a group from outside of Philly.  And this was only the warm-up.
The action continues on the 19th, when we will be hosting Box City at Sussex County Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 11.04.28 AMTechnical School.  This service-learning sleepover promotes and expands homelessness awareness through videos, personal testimonies, simulation, and culminates in spending the rest of the night in a cardboard box.  You can get a whole 8 hours of service through this event, while at the same time helping your community, challenging stereotypes, and expanding your mind.  You can sign up at www.passitalong.org/boxcity.  Don’t forget to send in your registration packet!
Once I rest up from my night in a box (or rather, staying awake watching everyone else sleep in a box…is that weird?) I will sprint over to the 24th, where Volunteer Recognition will be waiting for me at the Lake Mohawk Country Club.  While the dress I have picked out and the song that my fellow AmeriCorps members will be performing might not draw you in (but it should), there’s a greater reason to attend.  We’re there to celebrate YOU!  This night is all about you, and everything you have done for us.  If you’re a volunteer, community partner, sponsor, or service recipient we want to see you there.  Get more information and RSVP by clicking here! 
In need of a vacation, I will wander to the weekend, Saturday the 27th, for Global Youth Service Day.  This national day of service will be celebrated with a trip down the shore for a beach clean up.  Fifty volunteers will take a bus together to Cliffwood Beach and become part of the efforts to restore the shore.  Ahh, nothing like the smell of the salt air, wind in your face, and chasing an errant piece of trash down the warm, soft sand. Want to be a part of that?  WHO WOULDN’T? Click here to sign up!
And finally, with three days left, I can exhale and look back on the month in success.  With a final wave, I will look forward to May.  Hello Serve-A-Thon, fancy seeing you here.
Written by Kailey Denzer-Weiler, AmeriCorps Program Associate

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