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Caution: Long weeks ahead! When my to-do list looks overwhelming, I like to back off from it for a minute and do a little visualization. I like to think about facing the tasks at hand head-on, as a knight in chainmail armor would, leaning into the wind, wearing a firm, determined facial expression, and wielding the right tools for whatever comes my way.
…I may have already done this several times this week…and its only Wednesday.
But, my game face is on, and I’m ready. Here’s what’s good at Pass It Along for the next few week!

Visual approximation

Visual approximation

Monday, I wielded a pen and pencil at a great meeting with The Nature Conservancy about upcoming projects for the summer break season. It will be so rad when we can change out our pen, paper and notes for a pair of boots and outdoor gear to help them restore a habitat at one of their properties, and complete reforesting of former farmland in a few short weeks! Stay tuned to the opportunity calendar for specific dates and times.
Today, my “weapon” of choice is the computer. Lots of loose ends were tied up this morning for the upcoming Pass It Along memorial Ultimate Frisbee tournament, and some materials for school outreach were updated, too…now, I’m getting the blog ready…so, you get the point. It feels good to make progress in this arena. The more time I devote now to desk jockeying, the more time I’ll have later to do field work! Glorious.
Later on, I will wield gardening tools and the soaker hose to introduce the Hardyston Middle School PIA Chapter to the charity garden there, right in the school’s backyard! We’ll be planting, harvesting, weeding and watering—hopefully time will allow for all four.
This weekend we will be wielding whatever Eleanor asks to for the setup, support, and cleanup of Pass It Along’s first ever Bike Rodeo! What a great way to get geared up for summer, by arming oneself or one’s children with better bike skills and a safety inspection before summer starts in earnest when school gets out? Check out more info on that event here:
Then, next week gets a little crazy. People are needed every afternoon, armed with charm and charisma, to help out at the Stop and Shop of Sparta so we can wrap up this year’s FoodStock collection with a strong showing. The collection runs Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3pm-7pm. Check out the calendar and sign up to collect here:
There’s also a need for good people to wage war on the weeds and other disruptions currently plaguing the SCARC softball field! That skirmish is scheduled for Tuesday the 11th from 3:30-6:30 pm. I’d bring gloves, boots and long pants to that one if I were you. The weeds that live on the diamond have a reputation for fighting dirt-y!
Right in the middle of next week, there is a need for volunteers to brandish kindness, compassion, and a knife (plus forks, spoons, spatulas, etc.) during Cooking for a Mission next Wednesday, June 12th, while preparing a meal and eating with families and individuals currently facing homelessness. Gather your comrades, and sign up here:
On Thursday the 13th, it’s time to grow good and fight evil (weeds) at the Andover Charity Garden from 5pm-7pm. All produce will be donated to The Bodhi Monastery Food Pantry. Please remember gardening can be messy work, dress appropriately for the weather and conditions. You may also want to bring along water and sunscreen, to shield you from the harmful rays of the burning sphere of gases that sustains life on our planet.
Friday the 14th, ‘tis time for the annual endurance competition known as FoodStock to come to an end. This final day of the drive, many able-bodied souls are needed to sort, box and load food collected during the drive so food pantries can pick up their share of the goods. Are you up to the challenge? Summon your strength and sign up here:
Then on Saturday, June 15th, a noble battle for glory and honor will take up an entire day on Station Park Fields 1&2 in Sparta. Yes, it is the long-awaited “Only The Good Sky Young” Frisbee tournament, in memory of Jeff Syberg and Max Briganti, and in support of Pass It Along, is back for a second year. Want to through your hat in the ring for a chance to claim glory in this epic event? Sign on the virtual dotted line here:
Sweating on a hot field chasing a small disk for 8 hours not really your thing? No matter. There are many opportunities to help throughout the day.
Game face? Check. Game on! See you out there.
Maren Morsch, AmeriCorps Program Associate

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