New Faces, New Places

So today’s blog is a quick one (for once). I just wanted to take a minute to talk about some NEW stuff —and people—at Pass It Along.


PIA’s newest AmeriCorps, member Chloé Briggs.

First off, I want to welcome our newest AmeriCorps member, Chloé Briggs. Chloé graduated from the University of Scranton in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in English and sociology. While attending school, she worked for the Women’s Studies Department. She’s looking forward to working with and inspiring young people. After completing her AmeriCorps service, Chloé plans to pursue a Master’s in social work. Hello and welcome, Chloé!

(P.S. There is still one additional AmeriCorps position open at PIA. If you or someone you know may be interested in the position, check out the description over at Idealist, and please, share and apply away!)


PSU grad-turned-PIA-intern, Steve Malpiedi.

Next up, there’s Steve Malpiedi. Steve is a longtime friend and supporter of Pass It Along, and the creator of the “Only the Good Sky Young” Frisbee fundraiser. PIA was lucky to be a beneficiary of this event in both 2012 and 2013. Steve, a recent graduate from Penn State University with a BS in Mathematics and Minor in Economics, decided after moving back to Sparta that he again wanted to give back to the community through our organization.  Welcome, Steve!

There have been some too-cool school connections made with Pass It Along in recent weeks as well. On the 14th, Pass It Along partnered with Blair Academy to complete a day of service with 150 students at Camp Nejeda, The Nature Conservancy, and three additional sites. Thanks to this connection, lots of needed work was completed at all five sites hosting service projects for the group. Thanks, Blair Academy and students for helping make all that hard work turn into a great outcome for our partner agencies!

Last but not least, President Diane Taylor and our dedicated Passion and Purpose volunteer Pat were able to deliver the three-part self discovery workshop to a new audience this past week: 8th grade students at the beautiful and unique Ridge and Valley Charter School. The students, some of the first 8th graders to ever receive the program, were grateful, engaging, and invested in the P&P process. Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of the educational experience at your amazing school!

So, now you’re up to speed on all the stuff happening here. As always, if you have something to share with us at Pass It Along, feel free to email; post or message us on Facebook ( ) …or tweet to us @pass_it_along !

Till next time!

 –Maren Morsch, AmeriCorps Program Associate







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