YC to YC (Your Countdown to Youth Conference)

So, I’m just going to come out and say it. At Pass It Along, there are so many things that jazz us up – a lot— about the annual Youth Conference that we hold at the McNeice Auditorium at Sussex Tech High School.
One, this is a “by-youth, for-youth” event. So there are a lot of opportunities for our high school committee to show us—and their peers—how it’s done. The committee started meeting in the summer months, when school and October couldn’t be farther from most people’s minds. They starting planning themes, workshops, deciding who the speaker would be, creating marketing materials, and hashing out what they wanted the event to look like during their summer vacation. I commend them for their dedication to the cause, even as most kids (and adults, too!) were taking a break from school and all things school-related.

Youth volunteers handcrafting lollipops for St. Peter’s Orphanage residents.

Two, when I talked to president and CEO Diane Taylor about the event, she dubbed it “one of Pass it Along’s not-to-miss events.” I was thinking about taking a few days off, and it was potentially going to be over that week, so I went to Diane for guidance. I was greeted with an open mind about my potential plans, but was quickly convinced by her persuasive argument that Youth Conference is perhaps the most important event, especially for staff members, to experience each year. “It’s the energy, the drive, and the passion for service that the teens bring, that they elevate enthusiasm for service to a level that can be hard find anywhere else,” she said. “It pumps us up for the busy holiday season and for the rest of the school year, too” she said.
SOLD. I was going to Youth Conference after that five-minute conversation.

Some finished product from the candy-making days of the YC Planning Committee.

Finally, the theme is awesome. It’s “Superheroes of Service,” which (again) was generated organically from the teen committee helping to plan and execute the event. So, expect (this is the short list, at last check) to see: Superman – Batwoman – Catwoman – and Captain Planet. HELLO?! How cool is that?
As if you needed any other reason to spend time with Pass It Along…but if for some reason you did need a figurative “push,” consider this it.
If your school is attending, we hope you will be there with your school group. If not, you can contact event organizer lynn@passitalong.org to try to work out a plan for you to join us on the 3rd.
To service, and beyond….!
Maren Morsch, AmeriCorps Program Associate

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