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I never imagined that my love for boy bands and pop music would ever find a use in my adult life… but it did. This happened at this past Wednesday’s Pass It Along program, “Cooking for a Promise.” I was a tad apprehensive but extremely excited to go in and cook for the families in the Family Promise program, which aids families in transitional homelessness situations in Sussex County.  My cooking skills may be limited, but what I lack in culinary skills, I was hoping to making up for socially, interacting with the guests and trying to brighten their day.

We arrived at the Newton Methodist Church and as a group of Pass It Along staff, AmeriCorps members, youth and adult volunteers we prepared a meal consisting of baked chicken, rosemary potatoes, corn, green beans, macaroni and cheese, salad and baked rolls.  It smelled delicious, and tasted even better! We all sat as a group, our volunteers and the Family Promise guests, around a big table and ate together. As the night went on, the conversation kept flowing, and it was an amazing experience.

It was then brought to my attention that the seventh-grade girl sitting next to me was a fan of the band One Direction, and our conversation took off from there. We talked about music and other pop artists and the latest goings-on in the celebrity world. She had opened up to me, and it was great to see her smiling… and all it took was telling her that my favorite 1D member was Liam. It just goes to show that a little gesture goes a long way.  

It was great to see how this program worked and I look forward to participating in it in the future and hope to see you there too!

-Charlene Armstrong, AmeriCorps Program Associate at Pass It Along

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