SCARC Bowling, A STRIKE everytime!!

Each Saturday I’m fortunate enough to be able to attend an event called SCARC Bowling lead by Tina Newfeild. This experience is equally satisfying for the volunteers as it is the bowlers. I consider myself lucky to be there each weekend.
This program enables disabled adults to come bowling in a safe environment at Sparta Lanes with multiple volunteers to cheer them on and guide them throughout the game. The support the volunteers bring puts such a smile on everyone’s face. Not only can you easily make their day but they will also make yours. Their spirit during the game is unbelievable and their skill level is beyond impressive. They bowl higher scores than I ever could!
Many bowlers will remember you week to week and look for familiar faces when they come back. It’s so great knowing that what you do actually does have an effect on them all. Personally I try my hardest to introduce myself to them all which is wonderful when they remember you next week.  There’s one man that comes up to me every time he sees me and says “Dani, I care about you”.  It is so touching to hear that from him without fail each time he shows up.
Some of these bowlers are practicing hard for next week’s tournament. The Special Olympics are coming up and they’re so excited. I may be just as eager as they are for this Saturday!
There’s nothing not to adore about the program. My entire week I look forward to waking up and going to Sparta Lanes instead of a friend’s house or wherever else I could be.
Thinking about all my experiences there is making me smile just while writing this. This program is truly one that I could not explain in words. You are absolutely missing out on such a wonderful and beautiful experience if you aren’t attending SCARC Bowling.


-Dani Dellamo, Pass It Along Volunteer 

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