MLK Day of Service, A Day ON, Not OFF

              MLK Day could not have gone better!  We all had so much to do but worked so hard, together, that we got it finished in just under five hours.  MLK Day is not a day for relaxing at home- but for helping others who are not fortunate enough to be able to help themselves.

              This year we traveled to Newark and painted the middle school wing with clouds and uplifting murals/quotes. The colors on the walls will not only make the children smile but will brighten their day when walking through the usually dreary-looking hallways of Louise A. Spencer school. 

              Before anybody got to painting we made over 150 kindness cards for the students and teachers.  Basically, what we would do, is take a piece of construction paper and cut it into fours.  Then, on each card we would write something kind or inspiring.  When we were all finished with the card decorating and creating we would put one on each desk of all the open class rooms.

              The previously white and dull walls are now filled with life and beautiful images.  My personal favorite is a huge picture of Martin Luther King with different colors flowing from his mouth.  With how much that picture symbolizes I feel like I could stare at it for hours.

              We had so many volunteers with such great artistic talent.  Everybody had wonderful spirit and fantastic work ethic.  Nobody was without a task and every piece had hands on it until it was fully finished.

              MLK Day is a terrific experience and showed us all how much we have to be grateful for.


Dani Dellamo, Pass It Along VolunteerImage

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