Special Olympics..A GOLDEN time!

              SCARC Bowling is, personally, one of my favorite events.  So, I was especially excited when the Special Olympics came around!  Getting to spend my entire day with these genuinely wonderful people was something I had been looking forward to for some time now.  Not only did I see familiar faces but I also met new friends and more athletes during both the morning and afternoon sessions.   It was not only assisting the bowlers that made it such a great time; but watching them receive their medals brought a smile to everyone’s face.  Their joy of getting an accolade was contagious and spread through the entire room.  Volunteers and family members were taking pictures as the athletes waved to their many adoring fans. 

              One athlete, Marilyn, was a lady I will never forget.  She had such a fantastic outlook on the entire day.  Before she could bowl, she would take the ball and give it a little pep talk- just to make sure it was ready for its turn!  She told each bowling ball how much of a “good boy” it was and proceeded to count down from three so it wasn’t caught off guard when being thrown.

              Many athletes came up and introduced themselves to start conversation.  They were all so kind!  One gentleman kept telling me jokes throughout the day, such as: “What did the raisins do before they got married?  Go on Dates!”  I also learned quite a bit about Kenny Rogers from another Special Olympics participant.  

              By the end of the day my new friend and athlete sat down together and shared some bread sticks from Pizza Hut with a few other friendly faces. 

              Throughout the nine hours that I spent at the Special Olympics I did not get bored even once.  There was always something to do and I never ran out of determination to help make that day amazing for each bowler.  Whether it’s cheering, hanging banners or just having a conversation, the whole day was filled with all that you would expect- and more!

Dani Dellamo, Pass It Along Volunteer

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