Come Join the Youth Conference Planning Committee!

Save the date! October 9th is getting closer by the second which means the 11th annual Youth Conference is coming together quickly.  There aren’t many more opportunities to share your ideas and become a part of the planning!  The Youth Conference will be held in the Mc Neice Auditorium at Sussex County Technical High School.  Many different high schools participate and enjoy this day year after year!  Youth Conference teaches more about Pass It Along and the many volunteer opportunities for everyone to take part in.  Many students shy away from volunteering, or any optional assembly for that matter.  But Pass It Along can change all their views on what it’s really like to help out the community!  Not only is the Youth Conference a day to learn about how you can do all of that yourself but it’s a time to have fun, meet new people and take one step closer to becoming a part of the Pass It Along family!
     Each Monday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm we will all be meeting at the Pass It Along office in Sparta, except for the first week of September which we will be having the meeting the 4th, on a Thursday.  We invite anyone to come by and assist with creating the Youth Conference!
-Dani Dellamo, Youth Conference Planning Committee Member

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