2015 Vision and Goals Committee

2015 Vision and Goals Committee

With the demand for Pass It Along programs ever increasing, on January 29th, Thorlabs hosted an information filled evening teeming with inspirational presentations from several speakers who spoke about Pass It Along’s goals and vision for 2015. This increasing demand presents Pass It Along with a tremendous opportunity for growth, which will not only benefit local teens but the community as a whole.   Plans for Pass It Along’s growth and expansion were outlined and discussed. The 60 people in attendance were then encouraged and invited to sign up for a committee to help Pass It Along facilitate this growth.
Fueling this growth is Pass It Along’s signature program, Discovering Your Passion and Purpose which is currently being delivered in local high schools, is touching teenagers lives in a very direct and meaningful way with measurable and amazing results. “As the program title indicates, we work to help teens gain a positive sense of self so they can unleash their phenomenal potential. They learn that they really can change the World,” said Dale Thatcher, Chairman of Pass It Along and Chief Financial Officer of Selective Insurance Group.
Jim Furgeson, Pass It Along Board member and Director of Community Relations and Donations for Newton Medical Center Foundation added, “Pass It Along is a vital organization in our community and a key partner to Newton Medical Center. Together we are empowering our teens to be the healthiest in the nation. Pass It Along has specifically designed the elements of its program to meet the needs of the teens in our community and has created a model that can grow and expand beyond the borders of Sussex County to schools and communities who have a great need for social and emotional learning.”
“Our vision for Pass It Along is stronger than ever and our program has never been in greater demand than at this very moment “ said Pass It Along CEO and President, Diane Taylor. “We are seeking community support in raising the dollars needed to run this phenomenal program. We are so thankful for the ongoing support of our transformational sponsors, Orthopedic Institute of NJ, Specialty Surgical Center and Newton Medical Center, and also the continued support from Selective Insurance and the leadership and direction that Thorlabs has recently provided. As we embark on this next phase and in order to achieve the goals we have set for 2015, we are reaching out to the community for their support and assistance as well. We need everyone’s help to grow Pass It Along so we can deliver the life changing programs that we offer.”
If you were unable to attend the meeting and want to be involved, Pass It Along is currently seeking additional volunteers to help with our fundraising events, grant applications, individual donations, and corporate relations/ sponsor ships. Please call Kelly Bonventre at 973-726-9777 or send an email to kelly@passitalong.org.

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