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250 Sets of NEW Hats & Gloves still needed

Christmas in the City will take place in just a few weeks. This year we celebrate 15 years of our partnership with Tilly’s Kids, who is always able to find the schools that need the most help during the holiday season.
There are 4 schools in Newark that will get a special deliScarfGuys2very of toys, books, and some hats & gloves for the cold weather-that’s over 800 kids!
Thanks to our corporate Sponsors like Brazil Brothers who are collecting toys on our behalf and many of the local families that get together and purchase the items themselves.
As of our most recent count though we are still short approximately 250 new sets of hats and gloves for the boys and girls of a preschool we are delivering to. If you would like to donate these items please drop them off at our offices at 60 Blue Heron Road, Suite 100, Sparta, NJ.
All deliveries to the school will take place during 12/17-2/22 so we are asking for all items to be delivered to our offices by 12/15.
Any questions please contact Lorena Sergent at or by calling our office at 973-726-9777 x232.
With much gratitude from all of us at Pass It Along- Have a great holiday season!

COMPADRES Volunteer Leader Needed ASAP

Volunteer PIA
We have been lucky to have an AMAZING volunteer leader for the last few years for our COMPADRES programs. Unfortunately, she will no longer be able to lead our teens during the evenings for this program.
Please share this with anyone you think might be interested in learning more about this great volunteer leadership role.
Simply Sign Up to have Bob Jones, our Director of Programs, get back to you to discuss the details of the program.

Program Summary:

Compadres is a mentorship initiative that gets young volunteers to work with children from low-income families from the Pathways 2 Prosperity program. The evening is broken down into two groups and can be led by two separate individuals.
During the first part of the program “Homework Helpers at Compadres” from 5pm to 5:45pm, teen volunteers assist children with homework or school projects.
During the second part of the program “Compadres” runs from 5:45pm to 8:15pm. Teen volunteers will get involved in mentoring, reading books, educational games and more.

Thanks for “Passing It Along”!

Altitude Program Needs Adult Volunteers- 10/13, 10/14 and or 10/15

AltitudeNewton Medical Center has joined Challenge Daywith several community partners to form Altitude…an empowerment program for 8th graders in Sussex County, inspiring students to “Take The Climb” toward their highest and best selves. Pass It Along is proud to be part of the Altitude Team.
Through the multi-modal components of this program Altitude creates safe places and appropriate interventions to help students develop life skills, believe in their own strength and goodness and feel excited about using their time and talent in service to others.
Taking place over the course of the entire 8th grade school year, students participate in workshops, school based clubs, school culture and climate assemblies, community service projects and more. An end of the school year Rally celebrates their success in Taking The Climb.
We would like to invite you to join us as an Adult Participant at one or more of our our three upcoming Challenge Day events at Sparta Middle School, on Tuesday October 13, Wednesday October 14, and Thursday October 15.  The program will run from 8:00am to 2:00pm each day.
Challenge Days are powerful, high-­‐energy programs in which youth and adult participants are guided through a series of experiential learning processes. The overall goals of the program are to increase personal power and self-­‐esteem, to shift dangerous peer pressure to positive peer support and to eliminate the acceptability of teasing, violence and all forms of oppression. The Challenge Day Program is designed to unite the members of the school and to empower them to carry the themes of the program back to the school population.
Challenge Day also successfully addresses issues of violence, teasing, social oppression, racism, harassment, conflict management, suicide, peer pressure, alcohol and drugs.
Since 1987, the Challenge Day Program has touched the lives of over half-­‐a-­‐million teens and adults nationwide. The Challenge Day Program has received numerous awards from the juvenile justice system, government officials and many school districts and cities throughout the nation. The program was featured in the book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul and the Emmy Award-­‐ winning documentary Teen Files: Surviving High School.
Adult Participants are crucial for the success of the day. We will meet with all Adults for at 7:15am each day, prior to the start of the program, to let you know what is needed from you and to answer your questions.  No prior training is necessary other than the morning check-­‐in meeting. Our Challenge Day staff closely monitors the program and our Leaders will give instructions throughout the day. You must be able to remain on site and participate fully for the entire program, including 30 minutes after the program at the end of the day for a post-­‐Challenge Day debriefing.
Please email Tom Askin, Altitude Program Manager, to register: or call him directly at (973) 715-8124.
We hope you will be able to join us for this wonderful experience!

Volunteer Leaders Needed for Two Programs

Adult Volunteers Needed

We are looking for adults to serve as volunteer leaders for the following programs:
Knit Crochet for a Cause – Volunteers knit and crochet items for children and families in need. Knitted items are donated to local homeless shelters and soup kitchens and to the Bundle of Joy program for newborn babies in Newark. This program meets once a week from Sept – April on Tuesday evenings at the Sparta Presbyterian Church from 7 to 8pm.  As an adult volunteer leader you would be assisting our teen volunteers to knit and or crochet, verifying attendance and serving as the program liaison. Training is provided. Anyone interested in this position please email or call the Pass It Along office at 973-726-9777.
Merriam Avenue Reading Buddies – Volunteers will be assisting with and practicing reading skills with 3rd grade students who have been identified as reading below grade level. The program will meet Monday – Thursday from 2:45 to 3:45 at the Merriam Avenue School in Newton.  Adult leaders are needed to supervise volunteers, verify attendance and serve as the liaison for the program.  Adults can share this position and do not need to attend everyday. Training is provided. Anyone interested in this position please email or call the Pass It Along office at 973-726-9777.

Name Change for ConKerr Cancer to Ryan's Case for Smiles

ConKerr Cancer is now Ryan's Case for Smiles

ConKerr Cancer is now Ryan’s Case for Smiles

Please note our ConKerr Cancer program has been renamed. Volunteers will still be meeting on Wednesday evenings and sewing the same beautiful pillowcases at the same location.  The only thing that is changing is the name.
After 7 years, ConKerr Cancer has changed their name to Ryan’s Case for Smiles and adopted the new tagline, “helping kids feel better to heal better,” to capture the non-profit organization’s growth and the impact of its volunteers. The new name reflects the evolution of the organization’s mission to serve all children with life changing illnesses and injuries – not just those with cancer, and honors the thousands of people who are creating smiles each day.
Ryan’s Case for Smiles is one of the few volunteer organizations solely dedicated to helping sick children cope with the stress of their illnesses and injuries.
A hospital stay can be a terrifying experience for a child. So terrifying that 20% of children who survive cancer meet the full clinical diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Research shows that trauma can be minimized and outcomes can be improved through experiences that reduce stress. That’s where Ryan’s Case for Smiles comes in. Volunteers provide whimsical pillowcases that give children an emotional boost and remind them that they are not defined by their illness. While seemingly simple, a pillowcase provides 7 proven stress relievers that enhance the well being of the children and their families: comfort, play, choice, familiarity, expression, connection and hope. With improved emotional well-being, are more likely to regain their health faster.


NJ Devils & Pass It Along

Pass It Along, NJ Devils & Prudential Center Employees at the JFK School in Newark, NJ

Through the relationships that Pass It Along has built over the last 14 years with the different school districts throughout the state it was apparent that there were a few schools in Newark that could use some extra help.
Thanks to a relationship between Pass It Along and the NJ Devils over 500 children in Newark are now ready for the new school year!
All the backpacks were stuffed at the Prudential Center by the NJ Devils and Prudential Center employees. Kelly Bonventre, Director of Programs and Grant Development for Pass It Along said to the group of volunteers, “The impact goes beyond readying these kids for the first day of school, it’s readying them for the year.”
The first recipients were entire student body of John F. Kennedy School, a district wide middle-secondary special education school for those students’ ages 10-21 years old. Currently there are three programs at this school: Autistic, Multiple Disabilities with Moderate Cognitive Involvement and the Medically Fragile. On the first day of school, Thursday, September 3rd, Pass It Along was there to surprise the kids with the backpacks filled with the supplies needed for each student.
“Anything that anyone does for this population, for these children, it is always welcoming,” JFK Principal Glenda Johnson-Green said as Devils employees and Pass It Along staff interacted with the students.
The second group of kids was the approximate 300 students in grades 1-5 at South 17th Street. This school has approximately a 99% reduced or free lunch student population. These students received their backpacks on Thursday, September 9th, which were also filled with the supplies needed for each student.

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