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We are currently accepting referrals from school personnel and mental health professionals.  Inquiries can be made through or by calling Karen Monahan, Get Connected Administrator at (973) 229-5067 or

You can fill out the referral form online here.

Get Connected Development Committee:

Karen Monahan, LCSW
Kelly Bonventre
Andrey Byers, LCSW
Debra E. Koss, M.D., FAACAP
Melissa Latronica MLPA
Jeanne Smetana, LCSW
Diane Taylor, President and CEO Pass It Along
Monica Wilson, MA, CRC, LRC



Helping young people discover and create options
to build a successful future


Do you know a young person who feels isolated, wants to build confidence, would like to get involved, but doesn’t know where to begin? Connect youth to this free and unique program that can begin the journey for discovering their passion and launching them on their life path! See what their future may hold!


GET CONNECTED is a 10-week program through Pass It Along that provides support through workshops and volunteers opportunities to help young people in Sussex County, ages 16-22 with social, emotional or behavioral issues.

Participants will:

  1. Experience an individualized approach to exploring interests and talents with a focus on developing meaningful connections in the community.
  2. Establish an individual’s sense of purpose, belonging, foster social confidence and independence by developing a social network through volunteerism.
  3. Develop confidence and readiness in order to transition to higher education and/ or employment.


Program Begins:  March 2018
Location:  Pass It Along Youth Center at
1 Brooks Avenue, Newton, NJ.

Weeks 1-4: Participants meet Thursdays from 7-8:30pm. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their strengths, discover the value of service, and set personal goals. Parents/ guardians will participate in a single orientation session.

Weeks 5-8:  Following the four-week workshop, GET CONNECTED participants will select volunteer opportunities from a list of service projects that Pass It Along has organized with Sussex County Community Service Partners. They will volunteer along with other youth volunteers and adult Project Leaders will assist to ensure that the experience is fun and rewarding.

The GET CONNECTED experience will conclude with a Discovering Your Passion & Purpose Workshop. At that time, participants will be asked to reflect on the value of their experience, celebrate the accomplishment of achieving their goals, and identify next steps for success.

After the program:  Participants will be invited to join KEEP CONNECTED, an extension of GET CONNECTED which meets the 3rd week of each month.

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