Self-Discovery, or the act or process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character and feelings, is a major component of helping teens discover who they are and how they can succeed.

To help teens more fully understand themselves and their uniqueness, Pass It Along designed the workshop series – Discover Your Passion & Purpose.

Based on the guiding principal that each individual has special gifts and talents to be discovered and shared, Discover Your Passion & Purpose workshops help gently guide teenagers as they begin their lifelong journey of recognizing, cultivating and manifesting their purpose for the benefit of themselves, their communities and the world. 

Self-Awareness, Gratitude and Service are explored through group discussion, experiential exercises, media and interactive games.  Future workshops will focus on: Body in Balance,  Mindfulness, Relationships, Playfulness and Stepping into Your Greatness.

Pass It Along offers the Discover Your Passion & Purpose workshop series at no cost to 8th graders, high schools, college students, youth groups and religious youth groups in Sussex, Morris and Warren counties. 

Because these topics of Self-Discovery are applicable at any age, an adult series, Heart of the Matter, is also available to businesses