Coronavirus (COVID-19) Announcements and Updates

First and foremost, we want to express our earnest hope that everyone in your families are staying safe and well. As you know, we as a community, a nation and a world are all dealing with an unprecedented situation. Pass It Along is deeply integrated into our communities and feels the connection to each and every one of you as together we navigate our way through.

Pass It Along’s strategy, in the face of the unique and evolving challenges of this situation, is to take the necessary steps to ensure that Pass it Along is here to serve for the long term, as well as to continue our mission of building confident, resilient teenagers through self-discovery, volunteer and leadership opportunities. Resilience has always been very important, but now it is an invaluable skill for our teens and community during this pandemic and the coming post-pandemic world.

To those we serve with our many programs, including schools, we look forward to returning to our in person work with you as soon as practical. We expect these challenging times bring a positive future as together we share new perspectives, creative approaches and enhanced awareness making our programs and community support stronger than ever.

To our donors and supporters, we are incredibly grateful for your past and ongoing support. Your continuing funding will provide us the long term ability to provide all our services to meet the needs of the people and communities we support.

To our teens, the heart and soul of Pass it Along, we know you are ready to move forward with in person volunteer and leadership programs when conditions make it possible to do so. Please stay ready to share your ability to support and your resiliency with those we serve. And we know you are living leadership as you practice the necessary physical distancing to protect your own families as well as others.

Diane Taylor, Pass It Along’s Chair of the Board, said: “Pass it Along’s passion and commitment never waiver. There aren’t enough words to adequately express our gratitude to the entire Pass It Along community of awesome, beautiful people.”

Pass It Along will continue to be a key resource for our young people to be a positive force in our local communities and help prepare them to be that in the larger world. We stand ready to support each of you in ways both small and large our communities, our supporters, our participants to move forward together with compassion, courage and resiliency to a renewed sense of even deeper connection and purpose.

Be well. Be healthy. Be positive.

Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for further announcements and updates regarding our regularly scheduled programs and volunteer opportunities.