Pass Art Along

Pass Art Along is an immersive and expressive group aimed at serving our passions, community, and individual paths through the arts. Musicians, singers, writers, poets, comedians, actors, painters, and artists of any kind are invited to join Pass Art Along.

We will showcase our art on a weekly basis and plan a service project to benefit the well-being of the community. Each meeting will be focused on a different subject related to self-discovery through the arts. Topics include inspiration, confidence, emotion, mental health, gratitude, and service. We will discuss each topic as a large group and cover how it relates to our own art and passions. 

According to Resources to Recovery (, art can improve one’s mind, body, and environment. Art can be a form of stress and emotional release and can increase self-esteem and guide us through our journey of self-discovery.

The benefits of Pass Art Along include, but are not limited to, learning leadership skills through organizing and running service projects centered around art, gaining confidence in one’s own abilities/skills, and learning how to use your passions to benefit the community.

For more information, please call (973)-726-9777.