Volunteer Coordinators

Become a Volunteer Coordinator! 

Pass It Along is able to run so many programs thanks to dedicated Volunteer Coordinators. Each volunteer opportunity is lead by a trained Adult Volunteer Coordinator (AVC). Our AVCs sign in volunteers, give a brief overview of the opportunity, teach volunteers about why the organization and the support we give them is important.  During the volunteer opportunity, AVCs will also help guide volunteers through the tasks, and check that their needs are being met and their focus is on the population they are serving.  After, AVCs will log attendance for the opportunity.

We are currently looking for AVCs to help with several of our programs.  AVCs are asked to dedicate 5-10 hours a month for these programs.  Each AVC is provided with a one on one or small group training from a Pass It Along staff member, including accompanying them at their first few volunteer opportunities.  AVC should be either 21+ or show a history of responsibility and dedication to volunteerism.

Not ready for the full commitment? We are also looking for substitute AVC who are willing to jump into our programs if our normal AVC cannot make it.

Interested? Contact us at service@passitalong.org.