About Us

Our Mission

Pass It Along's mission is to build confident, resilient, compassionate teenagers through self-discovery, volunteer and leadership opportunities.

Our Vision

One day, every teenager will have the tools and opportunities to discover and embrace themselves and their power to make a difference in the world creating a society of self-aware, healthy and caring individuals.

Who We Are

Pass It Along is a non-profit organization committed to helping teenagers become confident, resilient and compassionate through volunteerism, leadership and self-discovery. Pass It Along is the only organization in Northern New Jersey that solely targets teenagers, providing service learning as a part of each volunteer experience, enabling a one-on-one connection with the people teenagers are helping and delivering thought provoking self-discovery workshops.

Our innovative, hands-on program reaches over 100,000 teenagers and their families through:

  • Leadership opportunities such as Service Corps, goLEAD, So…Life, school chapters and community forums.
  • Diverse and impactful volunteer programs to mutually benefit our community, including opportunities with over 40 nonprofit organizations in Northern New Jersey.
  • Our signature self-discovery workshop series, Discovering Your Passion & Purpose, a major component of United Schools at Pass It Along.

By participating in the Pass It Along program, teenagers gain a strong sense of self, learn about the positive effects of helping others and are equipped to avoid risky behaviors.